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Multiobjective portfolio optimization of ARMA-GARCH time series based on experimental designs. Computers & Operations Research 

A normal boundary intersection with multivariate mean square error approach for dry end milling process optimization of the AISI 1045 steel. Journal of Cleaner ProductionRobust

Comparison of Neural Networks and Logistic Regression in Assessing the Occurrence of Failures in Steel Structures of Transmission Lines. The Open Electrical and Electronic Engineering Journal

Design of Experiments and Focused Grid Search for Neural Network parameter optimization. Neurocomputing 

Experimental Design and Data collection of a finishing end milling operation of AISI 1045 steel. Data in Brief

Robust Parameter Optimization based on Multivariate Normal Boundary Intersection. Computers & Industrial Engineering

Impact of Dynamic Thermal Limits of Transmission Lines on Power System Operation. Revista IEEE América Latina

Pattern recognition in audible sound energy emissions of AISI 52100 hardened steel turning: a MFCC-based approach. International Journal, Advanced Manufacturing Technology

A mel-frequency cepstral coefficient-based approach for surface roughness diagnosis in hard turning using acoustic signals and gaussian mixture models. Applied Acoustics

Comparisons of multivariate GR&R methods using bootstrap confidence interval Acta Scientiarum. Technology

Robust multiple criteria decision making applied to optimization of AISI H13 hardened steel turning with PCBN wiper tool, Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

Weighted Principal Component Analysis combined with Taguchi's Signal-to-noise ratio to the multiobjective optimization of dry end milling process: a comparative study, Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering.



Comparing DEA and principal component analysis in the multiobjective optimization of P-GMAW process. Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering 

Modelagem da rugosidade e da vida da ferramenta no tornamento do aço duro ABNT 52100 com cerâmica mista wiper utilizando metodologia de superfície de resposta. Revista Iberoamericana de Ingeniería Mecánica

Entropy-Based Weighting for Multiobjective Optimization: An Application on Vertical Turning. Mathematical Problems in Engineering 

Entropy-Based Weighting Applied to Normal Boundary Intersection Approach: The Vertical Turning of Martensitic Gray Cast Iron Piston Rings Case. Acta Scientiarum.

Optimization of AISI 1045 end milling using robust parameter design. International Journal, Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Detecção de mudança de nível em séries temporais não lineares usando Descritores de Hjorth. Production


A Normal Boundary Intersection Approach to Multiresponse Robust Optimization of the Surface Roughness in End Milling Process with Combined Arrays. Precision Engineering

Weighted approach for multivariate analysis of variance in measurement system analysis. Precision Engineering

Design of Experiments Applied to Environmental Variables Analysis in Electricity Utilities Efficiency: The Brazilian Case. Energy Economics

A Didactic Activity for Introducing Design and Optimization of Experiments Assisted by Revised Bloom's Taxonomy. International Journal of Higher Education

A multivariate robust parameter optimization approach based on Principal Component Analysis with combined arrays. Computers & Industrial Engineering

An Experimental Approach for Developing RFID Ready Packaging. Journal of Cleaner Production

Machinability of Advanced Materials (Capítulo de Livro Internacional). Chapter 5. The Machinability of Hard Materials – A Review (Com Paulo Davim /Campos/Paiva e Ferreira).


A New Multivariate Gage R&R Method For Correlated Characteristics. International Journal of Production Economics.

A multivariate surface roughness modeling and optimization under conditions of uncertainty. Measurement (London. Print)

Weighted Multivariate Mean Square Error for processes optimization: A case study on flux-cored arc welding for stainless steel claddings. European Journal of Operational Research

Modeling and Optimization Techniques in Machining of Hardened Steels: A Brief Review (Reviews on Advanced Material Science).

Otimização do processo de homogeneização de emulsões W/O de petróleo com o uso da Metodologia de Superfície de Resposta. Revista Científica e-Locução

Estudo da minimização de erro nas medições de concentração de emulsões por titulação Karl-Fischer utilizando-se projeto de experimentos. Revista Científica e-Locução

Uma investigação sobre os coeficientes C4 e C5 das cartas de controle Shewhart X-barra e S.. Revista Científica e-Locução


Global Criterion Method based on Principal Components to the Optimization of Manufacturing Processes with Multiple Responses (Journal of Mechanical Enginnering)

MSR otimiza processo de produção de anéis de pistão de Fofo cinzento. Maquinas e Metais

Modelagem da rugosidade no torneamento com cerâmica mista alisadora. Maquinas e Metais

FCAW process optimization using the multivariate mean square error (Welding International)

Development of a special geometry carbide tool for the optimization of vertical turning of martensitic gray cast iron piston rings (International Journal, Advanced Manufacturing Technology)

Optimization of Radial Basis Function neural network employed for prediction of surface roughness in hard turning process using Taguchi's orthogonal arrays (Expert Systems with Applications)

Mathematical Modeling of Weld Bead Geometry, Quality, and Productivity for Stainless Steel Claddings Deposited by FCAW(Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance)


Crack avoidance in steel piston rings through the optimization of process and gas nitriding parameters (Int Jour Advanced Manufacturing Technology)

Otimização do Processo de Torneamento Vertical de Anéis de Pistão de Ferro Fundido Cinzento Martensítico Utilizando a Metodologia de Superfície de Resposta (MSR). Máquinas e Metais

A multivariate robust parameter design approach for optimization of AISI 52100 hardened steel turning with wiper mixed ceramic tool (Int. Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials)

A multivariate descriptor method for change-point detection in nonlinear time series (Journal of Applied Statistics)

Portfolio optimization using Mixture Design of Experiments: Scheduling trades within electricity markets (Energy Economics)

Aircraft interior failure pattern recognition utilizing text mining and neural networks (J Intell Inf System)

Uma abordagem experimental para a otimização da rentabilidade de extração de proteína de soja na produção de bebidas (P&D em Engenharia de Produção)

Otimização do desempenho de amplificadores de radiofrequência banda larga: uma abordagem experimental (Produção)

Otimização de Múltiplos Objetivos na Soldagem de Revestimento de Chapas de Aço Carbono ABNT 1020 Utilizando Arame Tubular Inoxidável Austenítico (Soldagem e Inspeção)

Otimização do Processo de Torneamento Vertical de Anéis de Pistão de Ferro Fundido Cinzento Martensítico Utilizando a Metodologia de Superfície de Resposta (MSR) (Maquinas e Metais)

Uma Metodologia para otimização da usinabilidade de aços endurecidos (Máquinas e Metais)


Otimização do Processo de Soldagem FCAW Usando o Erro Quadrático Médio Multivariado (Soldagem e Inspeção)

Delineamento de Experimentos de Misturas na Otimização de Portfolios (P&D em Engenharia de Produção)

A DOE Based Approach for the Design of RBF Artificial Neural Networks Applied to Prediction of Surface Roughness in AISI 52100 Hardened Steel Turning (J. of the Braz. Soc. of Mech. Sci. & Eng.)

Artificial neural networks for machining processes surface roughness modeling (Int J Adv Manuf Technol)

Multi-objective optimization of pulsed gas metal arc welding process based on weighted principal component scores (Int J Adv Manuf Technol)

A Model to Long-Term, Multiarea, Multistage, and Integrated Expansion Planning of Electricity and Natural Gas Systems (IEEE Trans on Power Systems)

Electricity demand and spot price forecasting using evolutionary computation combined with chaotic nonlinear dynamic model (Electrical Power and Energy Systems)


Design ofexperiments on neuralnetwork’s training for nonlinear time series forecasting (Neurocomputing) - Artigo mais citado!

Magneto-rheological fluids redispersibility – a factorial design study of phosphate shell on
carbonyl iron powder with dispersing additives (J. Physics)

A multivariate mean square error optimization of AISI 52100 hardened steel turning (Int J Adv Manuf Technol)

New Modelling and Process Optimisation Approach for the False-Twist Texturing of Polyester (Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe)




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